Free at last, free at last!

Gluten free baking is here!

Meet the baker in black & white. Miss Amber Tipton.

Meet the baker in black & white. Miss Amber Tipton.

We have decided to partner with a truly remarkable artist of the baking kind! And kind she is, not only to everyone she meets, but also to the thousands of local residences that are managing their diet by seeking healthful alternatives to gluten based products like donuts, cakes and cinnamon rolls.

I mention these items because we are blessed to now carry a lovely assortment of the above.

However, Amber's talents are not limited to these items and she offers a whole array of beyond yummy foods and desserts, all of which would absolutely amaze the discerning eye and palette. Amber's bakery endeavor is home to her complete line of gluten free items. And in her own words they "carry all kinds of baked goods including: biscuits, breads, buns, cakes, cookies, crackers, cupcakes, pies, pie-crust, pizza crust, and some copycat recipes of childhood favorites."

If that wasn't enough, she has created incredible items in the dairy free and vegan arenas as well.

Haven't had a donut in 5 years because your doctor forbids it?

Well then you are, "Free at last!" Oh, yes.




I think you can guess what these might be.

Oh yeah, the wait is over.

Oh yeah, the wait is over.