A Head of the Pack!

Boar's Head Meats take center stage!

We take pride in the selection of our suppliers and their integrity. Boar's Head stands beautifully amongst some of the highest quality ingredients we could bring together. From artisan bread baked daily to pesto made within days of dancing across our Tuscan, we can assure you that the mix is just right. Boar's Head leads the way and is an inspiration to us all. As a family owned business since 1905, they set out to and achieved making the world's finest cold cut delicatessen meats and cheeses and now offer amazing add on items like gourmet heirloom soups and deli pickles that crack when you bite 'em.

Every sandwich we make is anchored in the tradition of Boar's Head culture and the attention to quality and taste is echoed in every entree we prepare. Come in to discover for yourself the difference you can experience in a Boar's Head built sandwich. Our Monte Cristo features their Bold BourbonRidge™ Uncured Smoked Ham and smooth melting Blanc Grue® Gruyere cheese in a symphony of morning bliss all wrapped up in French toast!

We serve our sandwiches Midwestern or New Yorker. And just to be clear on what that means, we took a picture of the Bella Italia - New Yorker style. Midwestern is a hardy lunchtime sized sandwich like the kind mom made in the good ol' O•H•I•O. And the New Yorker is, well, enough for two or a life saver if you forgot to stop by for breakfast...

When Monday starts with Boar's Head it feels more like Friday!

When Monday starts with Boar's Head it feels more like Friday!