ARTy at our house!

They've decked the walls in the truest sense of their namesake! We are proud to host a beautiful grouping of Michael Glass paintings. In support of local art and on loan from Deck the Walls these paintings will be with us for a short time only. Please stop by to meet them and see if they might be just the perfect addition to your residence or work space. The following is Michael's BIO and we invite you to visit a wonderful display of his work at:


Michael Glass creates art in a studio, located at his home in Greenville Ohio. He has been painting and drawing since the 1990s. He was born in Columbus Ohio 1973. He grew up in Westerville Ohio and attended school in the town of Sunbury. He attributes his pursuit of fine art to teachers and friends exposing him to drawing and painting. He is also thankful for two loving parents who created an open environment to explore different types of art medium. He studied at Columbus College of Art and Design 1993-1997. He recalls this as a very challenging and rewarding part of his life. His focus of study was visual communications. He had a strong love for illustration but also enjoyed the graphic design world. After college in 2000 he married and later the couple brought a daughter into their world. Michael has worked mostly as a commercial designer for ad agencies and retail. Up until today, exploring the fine arts has been accomplished by many late nights and early weekends of painting and drawing. His ultimate goal is to be a full time studio Artist creating many piece of art.



A Head of the Pack!

Boar's Head Meats take center stage!

We take pride in the selection of our suppliers and their integrity. Boar's Head stands beautifully amongst some of the highest quality ingredients we could bring together. From artisan bread baked daily to pesto made within days of dancing across our Tuscan, we can assure you that the mix is just right. Boar's Head leads the way and is an inspiration to us all. As a family owned business since 1905, they set out to and achieved making the world's finest cold cut delicatessen meats and cheeses and now offer amazing add on items like gourmet heirloom soups and deli pickles that crack when you bite 'em.

Every sandwich we make is anchored in the tradition of Boar's Head culture and the attention to quality and taste is echoed in every entree we prepare. Come in to discover for yourself the difference you can experience in a Boar's Head built sandwich. Our Monte Cristo features their Bold BourbonRidge™ Uncured Smoked Ham and smooth melting Blanc Grue® Gruyere cheese in a symphony of morning bliss all wrapped up in French toast!

We serve our sandwiches Midwestern or New Yorker. And just to be clear on what that means, we took a picture of the Bella Italia - New Yorker style. Midwestern is a hardy lunchtime sized sandwich like the kind mom made in the good ol' O•H•I•O. And the New Yorker is, well, enough for two or a life saver if you forgot to stop by for breakfast...

When Monday starts with Boar's Head it feels more like Friday!

When Monday starts with Boar's Head it feels more like Friday!


Stay Vigilant! About breakfast anyways....

Keep in stride with a healthy start to any day from Vigilant! These oatmeal super foods not only taste great but they come with a manageably sized spoon that folds in half! Save it and add it to your ultralight backpack gear for that trek in the woods. 

We can make your oatmeal here with steaming hot water or steamed milk. Want to go the extra yard, have us spiral out the top with fruit puree - available in raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, banana, strawberry and mango! Still not crazy enough for 7:15 in the morning - add almonds!

We love them so much, we offer eight flavors! 

We love them so much, we offer eight flavors! 

It's Bicycle Day Everyday at EPIC!

If your on two wheels we have at least two things to say to you. "That's awesome!" and "Stop on by!" We have plenty of railing and sidewalk to park your beauty. Don't be surprised if you see your cruiser on our site. We like to post pictures of all of our cycling friends' rides. Sweet baskets and kiddie carriers are great to see. Whatever your cargo or style, swing through and fill your basket with take home goodies like our fresh baked pastries brought in daily from Boosalis Bakery. Got a backyard full of sun parched kids? Take home a gallon of Iced Tea and a box of sandwiches. Served hot or cold - all day every day!


Our EPIC Crew gathered to celebrate our official grand opening. We were able to gather nearly all of our team to join what seemed like 2/3rds of Kettering's city officials and public service specialists. With the Fire Department and Chamber of Commerce present, we had a wonderful reception from Mayor Don Patterson and he presented to us, on behalf of the City, a beautiful certificate of congratulatory wonderfulness.

Hibiscus Tea was on tap to welcome all of our supporters and new friends from the City. It was a beautiful run of sunshine for the ribbon cutting and everyone made the cut! Katy from the Chamber of Commerce gave everyone scissors and the mayor used a giant one to christen the moment, from which we were declared, "officially" open for business. 

The support from Kettering did not begin or end with our elected friends. It has been received from the very beginning of the build, by all of the adjacent neighbors from family filled streets in all directions. Some walked by with strollers and canine friends in tow, to cheer us on as we strived on toward completion. Others dropped by to wish us the best of luck and gather an updated ETA on our grand opening. Our new friend Terry Welker even stopped by to offer us guidance with best practices on following protocol and process in opening a new business in Kettering, Ohio.  All who visited resounded the same message: "Welcome."

So, today we welcome you all to come inside, let us pour you a cup of coffee and give you a place you can call your own. Kettering's very own Artisan coffee shoppe! It's going to be EPIC.