Our EPIC Crew gathered to celebrate our official grand opening. We were able to gather nearly all of our team to join what seemed like 2/3rds of Kettering's city officials and public service specialists. With the Fire Department and Chamber of Commerce present, we had a wonderful reception from Mayor Don Patterson and he presented to us, on behalf of the City, a beautiful certificate of congratulatory wonderfulness.

Hibiscus Tea was on tap to welcome all of our supporters and new friends from the City. It was a beautiful run of sunshine for the ribbon cutting and everyone made the cut! Katy from the Chamber of Commerce gave everyone scissors and the mayor used a giant one to christen the moment, from which we were declared, "officially" open for business. 

The support from Kettering did not begin or end with our elected friends. It has been received from the very beginning of the build, by all of the adjacent neighbors from family filled streets in all directions. Some walked by with strollers and canine friends in tow, to cheer us on as we strived on toward completion. Others dropped by to wish us the best of luck and gather an updated ETA on our grand opening. Our new friend Terry Welker even stopped by to offer us guidance with best practices on following protocol and process in opening a new business in Kettering, Ohio.  All who visited resounded the same message: "Welcome."

So, today we welcome you all to come inside, let us pour you a cup of coffee and give you a place you can call your own. Kettering's very own Artisan coffee shoppe! It's going to be EPIC.