Espresso Cups are here and may be cuter than you would expect!

So, after two and a half weeks of pouring very short drinks into 12 oz. cups we decided to dive deep and acquire the mates to our ceramic collection that sleeps atop the espresso machine - the demitasse, cappuccino and latte cups. 

So from this day forth, or actually forth from last week, we will offer to-go Espresso, Macchiato, Cortado, Cubano & Cappuccino in a cup that will identify with the size and nature of the drink and not leave you feeling like something is missing - volumetrically. 

And so we introduce the demitasse ( 4oz to-go paper cup ), which directly translated should mean "the cutest cup of them all", but it really just means - [from French, literally ‘half-cup.’ mid 19th century].

The benefit is that you receive your drink in a cup that celebrates the tradition of the drink and is best suited to keep it warm going out the door. That being said, we always invite you to enjoy your drink here at EPIC, where we serve all our drinks in pre-warmed coffee demitasses, cups & mugs.

The other maybe even more inspiring benefit to the new "mini", is that you can carry about 8 or 10 of them out the front door to join with all your friends or make your next meeting an epic event!

Our new 4 oz. mini!

Our new 4 oz. mini!