Guji Natural is well, Natural!

Deeper still are the roots that bring you the absolute finest coffees from around the world!

Passion of the people!

Passion of the people!

Guji natural is here. And so glad we are as it has quickly become one of our favorites, which is becoming a bit of a grey area and with good reason. It is hard to choose a favorite when all of the signature notes to these coffees touch on such diverse aspects of the palette. Guji is no exception. There is a distinctly "Africanesque" nature to it as would be expected in part by the geographical relationship to nearby Yirgacheffe. This coffee has what can best be described as balance. A fruitiness that's a good pint shy of pungent and a resonance that might well be defined as softly smooth if not delicate. If you favor African varietals or have a place in your heart that yearns for all things Ethiopian, open your mind's eyes to this truly remarkable bean!

Come in to try this amazing coffee as a pour over or French press any day of the week, except Sunday.

Or, watch the daily brew announcements to find it as our grind of choice for the whole day!

We don't get this sort of color on the ground for another 40 days or so...

We don't get this sort of color on the ground for another 40 days or so...

Deeper Roots has this to say about this incredible varietal:

In Ethiopia’s Oromia region, Guji is a southern zone, snug up against Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, which are across the border in the SNNPR (the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region).

This coffee comes via Sibu Coffee, a family-owned business that was established in 2014 though the family has more than 20 years of experience in coffee working in domestic supply to the central auction.

Today, Sibu owns three washing stations—two in Karcha Guracho and one in the village of Hambala Damedabaye—and works directly with farmers on a number of agricultural practices. Focused on improving cup quality and crop sustainability, these practices include seed selection, planting specifics and harvest and post-harvest management. They also provide nursery and farm support.

Sibu Coffee both owns its own farm and works with approximately 3,000 farmers in the area; 300 farmers contributed to this coffee. 

While the coffee is not certified organic, no chemical fertilizers are applied to the Guji coffee, making it what Sibu calls “organic by default.”


Country/Region: Ethiopia / Guji

Farmer: 300 local, contributing farmers

Cultivar: Typica Heirloom

Altidue:  1900+ masl

Processing: Natural